Adopt Art

Adopt Art Scheme

A small number of the works in The Argyll Collection are in serious need of conservation before they can be used as a schools resource or exhibited.
This scheme invites members of the public to adopt an artwork by paying for the conservation and reframing needs of these works.
Once adopted the name of the sponsor will appear on the label adjacent to the artwork whenever it is being shown.
We are delighted to announce that Roseberry, William George Gillies CAT NO 96 has been adopted in 2012 by the Tyre Family, Dunoon.

List of works in need of conservation and costs

31 Charles MacQueen £800
49 John Crawford £725
54 James Morrison £2600
71 John Cunningham £2100
81 Jean Fleming £715
86 Carole Gibbons £2225
87 Philip Le Bas £775
92 S. G. Vausden £115
99 George Devlin £1400

If you are interested in supporting this valuable scheme please contact us.